Introducing Nine Gifts

Gordon K. Matthews developed the Nine Gifts Matrix making the ancient wisdom of the
Enneagram accessible and relevant for use inside organizations with in which making the most of a diversity of talent is key. The practical relevance of the Matrix comes from his extensive work-life experience leading teams as a CEO, CFO, advisor, and angel investor.

His passion is to make this ancient wisdom accessible and relevant for individuals to
cultivate successful organizations. His guidance is practical and effective because he
has “lived it,” leading business teams over the last thirty years. His hands-on
experience has shaped the rich content he shares with groups, organizations, and on
college campuses through his Nine Gifts workbook and interactive workshops.

Learn to read people – their motivations, behavior & thinking – to predict how they operate. Apply those insights when being effective is essential.

Learn about Gordon’s Nine Gifts Workshops to bring these essential lessons to your organization.

“All his past and present titles combined are not truly reflective of the depth and breadth
of Gordon Matthews’ knowledge, skills and abilities.”

– Brynn Grant, Pres. & CEO of United Way of Coastal Empire

“I took notes on a lot of what Mr. Matthews was saying and plan on teaching some of the concepts within my organization. I really enjoyed his class and cannot wait to share the info learned with others.”

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